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Thank you for your interest! The GYROTONIC® Movement Center offers private, semi-private and group classes in both GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. We have a variety of packages to suite our diverse clientele. For our current client class schedule please click here: Upcoming Class Schedule

Getting Started

Our “Introductory Series” consists of several private sessions which provide you with individualized attention and support as you learn the system. An introductory series with a Certified Trainer includes 3 private sessions for 1 hour each.

After clients complete the introductory series, depending on the level of proficiency and comfort level, we offer ongoing private sessions with Certified Trainers and session packages that provide valuable discounts, as well as small group classes for clients at all levels. Also available are "duet sessions," semi-private sessions matching clients with similar skills so that two individuals can work with one Certified Trainer. These sessions are an affordable approach to private instruction.

Ultimately, our goal at the GYROTONIC Movement Center is to develop a workout plan that meets your personal goals and one that you truly enjoy. We are confident that given the chance, you will love all that the GYROTONIC system has to offer. The variety of session types, series and classes allows you to choose a plan that works with your lifestyle and schedule.

AFFORDABLE On-Going Training

Many clients enjoy and benefit from regular private sessions with Certified Trainers, building strength and flexibility while focusing on specific needs and goals. Private sessions are 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours long and are scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly.

When both client and trainer feel there is a strong grasp of the system, clients may schedule appointments for “Independent Sessions”. During an Independent session a Certified Trainer is always available to answer questions but clients guide themself through a program that was created with a Certified Trainer during private sessions. Independent sessions are one of the most affordable session-types, starting at $25/session and lasting 1.5 hours.

Appointments for sessions of all types can be made Monday through Saturday, usually starting at 8:30 AM with sessions running into the evening hours.

We feel the best way to determine if the Gyrotonic system is right for you is to feel the equipment rather than watching – but we are happy to allow you to observe some sessions in progress, with advance notice. Another option is to take a tour of the studio which can also be arranged by calling us at (206) 547 5880.

Please call us at 206-547-5880.
Thanks for your interest.