What can GYROTONICŪ do for you?

The studio is staffed by Certified Trainers and a Master Trainer with professional experience in dance, athletics, Pilates, rehabilitation, feldenkreis, and laban. Our diverse experience enables us to create a personalized Gyrotonic workout designed to match your current fitness level.

You will quickly feel the difference in your posture, strength and flexibility. Regardless of whether the goal is to improve your golf game, recover from an injury or to simply rejuvenate & invigorate your body, The GYROTONIC Movement Center will quickly optimize your physical performance and allow you to grow in our supportive studio environment.


Stretching, strengthening, lengthening, twisting, spiraling, energizing and invigorating are just some of the words our clients use to describe the exercises found in the GYROTONICŪ workout.

GYROTONICŪ is the most unique exercise and rehabilitation program available. Its movement signature is circular motion which works to simultaneously stretch and strengthen the body.

The origins of this movement signature come from dance, gymnastics, yoga, swimming and tai chi and it has been described by many exercise professionals as a breakthrough system for fitness and rehabilitative exercise.

Unlike conventional exercise programs and their machines which utilize linear movement patterns, Gyrotonic incorporates three-dimensional circular motion to promote coordinated and efficient movement throughout the body while simultaneously strengthening the muscular attachments and ligamentous tissue.

This circular approach to movement bridges the gap between contraction and extension where most injuries occur and brings balance to the musculoskeletal structure, by utilizing the natural patterns and shapes in the human body, which are comprised of circles and spirals.

Clients immediately report feeling taller and stronger within one or two sessions. The most frequently reported changes in the body include postural improvement and alignment awareness. At the foundation of GYROTONICŪ is profound sense of stability and strength in the low back created partially by its focus on abdominal and core strength. For most athletes the result is decreased incidence of sports related injury and low-back pain.

Whether you are already an accomplished athlete or dance professional looking to supplement your current training or someone who hasn’t exercised in years GYROTONICŪ can result in increased strength, flexibility and coordination.